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(Environment, Social and Governance)

Strategies for the inclusion of sustainability risks (Article 3 of the Disclosure Regulation)
A sustainability risk refers to an event or condition in the areas of environment, social, or corporate governance (ESG) that could have significant negative impacts on the value of an investment. Valeria Capital AG is aware of its responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. Currently, Valeria Capital AG is not implementing the strategies provided by the EU regulations for the inclusion of sustainability risks in the investment decision-making process, and therefore does not consider the adverse effects on sustainability factors. This is partly due to the unavailability of all relevant information. The remuneration policy of Valeria Capital AG does not incentivize the neglect of sustainability risks. However, we will closely monitor developments in this area and provide information about any potential changes.

Adverse sustainability impacts (Article 4 of the Disclosure Regulation)
According to the Disclosure Regulation, sustainability factors include environmental, social, and employee-related issues, respect for human rights, and the fight against corruption and bribery. Significant negative impacts of investments on sustainability factors are considered as the most important adverse sustainability impacts. Valeria Capital AG currently does not take into account adverse sustainability impacts. For example, not all companies are currently obligated to report on relevant sustainability factors or provide non-financial reporting on these issues. Therefore, there is insufficient data for a comprehensive determination and weighting of adverse sustainability impacts. Data availability is regularly monitored to assess whether the most important adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors can be considered.

Inclusion of sustainability risks in the remuneration policy (Article 5 of the Disclosure Regulation)
The inclusion of sustainability risks does not affect the remuneration policy of Valeria Capital AG. The remuneration policy does not incentivize excessive sustainability risks in investment decisions within the framework of portfolio management or with regard to the investment strategies defined by Valeria Capital AG, in accordance with the Disclosure Regulation.




Upon the customer's request, further details on the topic of sustainability and the aforementioned information will be provided with pleasure.


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