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crafting value for you

Our skills focus on the craft of constructing individually tailored asset-management mandates for wealthy private clients, trusts and charitable foundations.


We aim to add value for you while representing your individual values.

Increasing Values

We focus on a long-term growth of your invested capital through a diversified and actively managed portfolio. A dynamic allocation of assets helps to make the most of opportunities arising from structural changes in the world.

Doing Good

From the establishment of foundations to the on-site supervision of projects, we shall support you with the most suitable investment strategy to implement your philanthropic philosophy with the best possible effect. 



Our Investment Focus

We focus on a long-term growth of the value of your invested capital through a diversified and actively managed portfolio.  A dynamic asset allocation helps to take full advantage of opportunities arising due to structural changes in the world – such as demographics, the interest-rate environment, the changing significance of economies and technologies, aspects of sustainability, currency shifts, and super-cycles. 


Our Investment Policy

Our goal is the efficient and effective management of your assets. Our Investment Office defines the measures to achieve this. This includes: the formation of opinions by company and market analyses (research). The use of analytical tools. The selection of suitable instruments. The weighing up of investment timing and duration. 


Our Investment Process

We follow long-term trends and focus on an active risk management. Long-term portfolio successes are based on the ability to avoid significant losses, as major setbacks permanently reduce future return potentials. A disciplined investment process as well as a diversification of the methods applied to decision-making enable our Investment Office to apply optimum decision criteria to the respective market environments (expansion, external shocks, systemic imbalances, economic slowdown). 


Valère Consulting Anlageprozess

Macro Analysis

Valère Consulting Anlageprozess

Fundamental Analysis

Valère Consulting Anlageprozess

Quantitative Analysis



Valeria Capital AG is an independent asset-management company established in 2014. Our long years of expertise as financial experts with a clearly positioned approach to and opinion of economic and market issues is a firmly embedded part of our investment process, as is active risk management. This enables us to offer our clients innovative, flexible, and transparent asset-management services based on a solid foundation. 


The financial and asset-management industry is subject to constant and rapid changes. Digitalization has made it more transparent, but also more complex due to a stricter regulatory framework. We consider this an opportunity to translate the needs and wishes of our clients into an optimum and individual investment strategy.  


«Whatever your craft is, be a master of it. Being half-assed at something, people will eventually see through.»

Kid Rock, Musiker

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