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Jürg Gabathuler, Management Office, 
gabapm GmbH

Jürg Gabathuler
Valeria Capital AG


… has more than 30 years of experience in foreign-exchange trading and banking. He set up and ran successful trading operations, managed operational as well as policy units at UBS London, the Central Bank of Oman in Muscat, the Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS),and Raiffeisen in Switzerland.  During his time at these institutions, he was responsible, on a number of occasions, for the review and re-engineering of business processes as well as developing and bringing to market a number of new products and services. This included establishing trading and execution teams in major exchange-traded derivatives markets around the globe. In addition, he was instrumental in establishing the global OTC currency-option business at SBC/O'Connor in Chicago.

In 1995, Jürg used his extensive experience to move into risk-management and strategy consulting as a partner with 'Big 5' companies in Switzerland. His focus was on risk management and strategy consulting. For two European exchanges, he was in charge of projects to initiate a strategic and operational re-orientation. At KPMG, he was responsible for establishing their risk-management team and services. Jürg was co-head of the newly developed global OpsRisk team and methodology, which eventually culminated in a state-of-the-artEnterprise Wide Risk Management Concept, which he later perfected at Arthur Andersen. Over the years, his main focus has been on working for exchanges, banks, and regulatory authorities.


At Raiffeisen, one of his tasks was to motivate smaller, independent units to merge into more effective structures. He supported them in their strategic, operational, and cultural realignment, taking into account the needs and agendas of the various stakeholders.


Today, Jürg is the owner of gabaPM, a consulting boutique in the Zurich area and supports the management of Valeria Capital AG as our Management Office in various projects.

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